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leather, linen and cotton bags. For every day full of sunshine!

Sailor Sack Melika Stripes

79.00 zł

Sailor Sack Melika Jungle

79.00 zł

Cotton Frida Tote Bag Blue

180.00 zł

Linen Frida Tote Bag

180.00 zł

Linen Frida Tote Bag English Roses

180.00 zł

Sold out

Backpack Frida Flowers

79.00 zł


Postman Crossbody Prune

350.00 zł290.00 zł

Laptop case Melika Crimson

149.00 zł

Laptop case Melika Red

149.00 zł

Laptop case Melika Black

149.00 zł

Clutch Bag Black Olive

340.00 zł

Evening bag Luna Ash Brown

189.00 zł


8 colors to choose from

Pack your laptop in a unique case

In the comments to the order, give us the full dimensions of your device. We will prepare and send you a case to this exact dimension within 5 working days

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