Melika is a bespoke handbag label catering to the needs of a discerning and environmentally conscious customer.

The name Melika dates back to Ancient Greece and its mythic tradition of poetry recited to the accompaniment of a flute. It embodies essential values of beauty, artisanship and dedication that remain at the very core of our brand philosophy.

Each of our bags features an embossed logo comprised of 4 elements: a harp, needles, a cow and feathers that symbolise art, handwork, natural leather and precision. Our products unite these elements to achieve the highest standards of quality, thus creating a refined alternative to the mass-produced leather goods available on the market. Hard-wearing and functional, they respond to the growing demand for luxury available at an affordable price point.




All Melika bags are handcrafted in the European Union using materials sourced from trusted local suppliers. We pride ourselves on supporting ethical trade and working with master artisans who demonstrate longtime expertise in selecting the finest skins. Our bags are made exclusively of full-grain leather containing the strongest fibers of the hide, which prevents the surface from wearing out with use. The handmade process involves fine-tuning the smallest details such as painting the edges to protect them from absorbing dirt. To guarantee maximum durability, we sew leather with a special polyester thread, the same as the one used for hawsers in the shipping industry.  Each element that we use, from polished metal zippers to the light, high quality velour lining, reflects the sophistication of the overall design.


The classic Melika tote carries a matching zip clutch bag that can hold small items inside the tote or be worn on its own, according to preference of its wearer. It comes in an elegant colour range and two types of surface: smooth and rigid or grained and supple with a more casual appeal. Their versatility means that both models add an instant impact to any look and perfectly complement a variety of personal styles.