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Leather Guide


Our handbags age over time and develop a distinct and unique character. Colours naturally change and darken with use. We recommend you to follow these instructions to preserve the natural beauty of your MELIKA product.

Store your Melika handbag in a dust bag in a dry, cool place when not in use.

For a longterm storage you can also fill it with bubble wrap to keep the shape and prevent it from crease.

Do not wet your handbag. If your bag gets soiled gently dab it with dry cloth and mild leather creame.

Do not expose your handbag to prolonged intense sunlight as it might dry the leather and make it fade unevenly.

Always handle your handbag with clean hands. Makeup and excessive hand cream/oil can stain your handbag.

Make sure all your cosmetics as well as pens are safely zipped in a pouch inside your handbag to avoid any staining and spillage.

Dye transfer is one of the most common problems. Be careful what fabric comes in direct contact with your leather handbag as it might leave a permanent stain. Also be aware of any newspaper ink that transfers onto your fingers and then can further stain your leather handbag.


All Melika products have 24-month warranty. Details in terms and conditions.


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